Residents of California have additional data privacy rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regarding collection of their personal information. These consumer, individual or user rights include:

The right to know which information about an individual is collected or sold, including:

Types of personal information that have been collected or sold

Types of sources whence their personal information has been collected

How the collected information is used or being used

Which categories of personal information are disclosed or sold to third parties

Types of third parties to whom the individual’s personal information was disclosed or sold

The right to request notice of which specific personal information was collected about the individual over the preceding 12 months.

The right to request that personal information collected about them be deleted, excepting scenarios in which that personal information is necessary to perform specific business actions including but not limited to:

Completing transactions

Delivering services or goods requested by the individual

Detecting and protecting the individual against security threats, or for prosecuting the parties responsible for such security threats

Maintain compliance with specific legal obligations or rights

The right to opt out or not consent to the sale of the individual’s personal information. Follow the link Do Not Sell My Personal Information to opt out and revoke consent to have your personal information sold.

The right for an individual to not face discrimination for exercising their privacy rights under CCPA.

Contact us to exercise your rights to:

Request to know which of your personal information has been collected

Request deletion of personal information collected about you

To exercise these rights, please submit your request here.

We will return your correspondence within 45 days of receipt of your request. We may need to ask you questions or request information from you to verify your identity. If we need more than 45 days (up to one 90-day extension allowed by CCPA), we will let you know and provide our reason for delay.